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Tulsa Centrifugal Casting Machines, established by the leading Centrifugal Casting Specialists in North America having more than 35 years experience in Machinery Design, Consulting, and Manufacturing of all types of Vertical, Horizontal and Babbitt Centrifugal Casting machines. We design and manufacture permanent steel molds for all centrifugal castings. We can manufacture replacement parts for centrifugal casting machines. We are not a foundry and do not produce castings.

Centrally located in the Heartland of America, we can manufacture to your drawings and ship anywhere around the world.

Specializing in all types of centrifugal casting foundry machines, we offer an alternative source of supply. We invite you to visit our website for the latest in machine designs and shared technology.

Be sure to check out the "What's New" page and see the latest in centrifugal casting machines.


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