The CCMCO Story

Physicist, Nathan Janco, founded Centrifugal Casting Machine Company in 1940. “Nat was universally acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of casting machine design and one of the foremost authorities on the subject of centrifugal casting. During WWII, Nat was the centrifugal casting expert on the U.S. War Metallurgy Committee." Nat held several U.S. patents and was the designer of numerous horizontal, vertical and face-plate machines, as well as high production special purpose machines. He is the author of the book Centrifugal Casting, which is still considered to be the foremost available guide to the centrifugal casting process. CCMCO's founder and mentor, Nathan Janco, passed away in 2006 at the age of 95.

Centrifugal Casting Book

In 1980 Janco sold Centrifugal Casting Machine Co., Inc. to Tom McKee, a Tulsa, Oklahoma businessman. McKee worked with a sales team and a group of engineers to grow CCMCO into a world-renowned company. Under his leadership, CCMCO expanded into China and into high production markets such as ductile iron pipe, soil pipe and cylinder liners

Tom McKee passed away in 2003 and CCMCO continues to operate as a family-owned business. Two of Tom’s three children, Will McKee and Megan McKee Harris are active in CCMCO and they continue to act as problem solvers in the industry, selling to traditional centrifugal casting foundries as well as offering a variety of related services and acting as integrators for entire machine systems. Since 1940, CCMCO has focused on the process and technology of centrifugal casting. Through R&D, Engineering and Metallurgical expertise, CCMCO remains the established world leader in centrifugal casting technology and machine design.

CEO and Team Members of CCMCO

Megan Harris

Megan McKee Harris 2003-Current

Nathan Janco

Nathan Janco 1940-1980

Tom McKee

Tom McKee 1980-2003

William Thomas McKee Jr.

William Thomas McKee Jr., Legacy
Centrifugal Casting and Ductile Iron Pipe Expert

Jesse Harris

Jesse Harris 1995-Current
Director of Engineering, Controls Engineer

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